Nissan SA – How amazingly stupid!

nissanNissan South Africa have sent out letter to Nissan Lavina owners recalling a number of models because of a potentially faulty airbag …. the letter to the clients do not outline any course of action the client is meant to take, nor who to contact, in short they say ABOLUTELY NOTHING other than they are recalling the model.

It is up to the client to take all the initiative and try to find out how serious the matter is, who to contact, what to do etc …. after numerous, non-returned phone calls to the nearest dealership (in Hermanus) the client was told that the driver’s side airbag has to be replaced in all the models ….. BUT (wait for it) the factory has no stock! Maybe the part will be available in the new year … we will phone you! (better not hold your breath!)


Wise words from Patrick Seeton (a staunch supporter of doing the right thing)

iec-scaled500Seats allocated for Cape Agulhas Municipality:
DA – 6, ANC – 3, DLP – 1, KAPCO – 1.

By the time you read this the Local Government Election 2016 will be history BUT this does not mean your participation in local government affairs need necessarily end with the three X’s cast on Wednesday. Your choices need to be monitored to ascertain whether they were/are effective and worthwhile.

In my opinion this is what we, the electorate, failed to do during the last Council term; we allowed the nine who represented our interests [four ANC, four DA and one Independent who sided with the ANC in return for the office of Deputy Mayor] to conduct affairs without being truly accountable to the electorate.

The so-called “imbizos” were a dismal failure … a one-way street bulldozed by the Executive Mayor to tell the people at extraordinary length what the Cape Agulhas Municipality – CAM – was going to do. There certainly was no meaningful interaction.

A Mayoral Imbizo is described as, “an on-going Mayoral Outreach Programme aimed at bringing government closer to the people, whereby the Municipality interacts with communities regarding upcoming service delivery projects in their areas and progress on existing ones.”

For a moment I want to go back to a July 2, 2015, meeting; a meeting between the chairpersons of three residents associations in the region and the Executive Mayor, Municipal Manager and the Chief Financial Officer of CAM.

The meeting was held at the request of the Residents’ Associations, namely, Suidpunt [covering L’Agulhas, Struisbaai and Suiderstrand], Bredasdorp and Napier to object to the process followed with the acceptance by CAM Council of the 2015/2016 budget, a budget heavily burdening residents with across-the-board tariff and rates increases.

There was a lot of talk at that July 2 meeting, 2½-hours of it. If there was one notable quotable quote to come out of that marathon encounter it is possibly that of the representative of the Bredasdorp Residents’ Association.

“Upon conclusion of our meeting with CAM and the absolute frustration and realisation that we had exhausted all possible existing channels open to us without hope; I realised that the best of the entire exercise of the day was that it was the first time that we three Associations had gathered as a united front. I am of the opinion that it is in the interest of all if we could meet more regularly and share information.”

This is so true. Prior to 2001 each of the towns within the Cape Agulhas region had its own municipality, council and set of personnel. For the last 15 years we have been ONE municipality and THREE separate residents’ associations. It rather seems, from where I’m sitting, the municipality has gone ahead into the 21st Century – warts and all – while the residents’ associations are wallowing in the last Century.

I believe, now that the election is behind us the mood is right to act in unison – one force – for the best interests of all in the Cape Agulhas Region. I know there have been initial talks but am unaware of how far the concept has progressed. It needs to get “wings”.
Finally, our thoughts move to be in support of the Gauteng Lions tomorrow Saturday [August 6] at 09h35 when they meet the New Zealand Hurricanes in Wellington [New Zealand] in the Super Rugby final.

The Hurricanes beat the Chiefs 25-9 in Wellington in the first semi-final delivering an outstanding defensive effort and out-scoring the visitors three tries to nil.

The second semi-final in Johannesburg saw the Lions beat the Highlanders 42-30 to book their place in the final.
The Lions playing in Johannesburg scored five tries to the Highlanders four and were always ahead in the encounter.

Car licence renewal – some questions answered …

Car licence diskRead this article from Wheels24: “SA car licence renewal confusion: 5 questions answered” …. also remember that when you go to renew your licence, you need to take proof of residence with you (… more red tape that’s REALLY not necessary but makes for GREAT BUREAUCRACY!)

Thanks for this link, Alan Rosenmeyer (who now hosts the Motoring Matters show on ChaiFM which broadcasts out of Johannesburg

I was sent this letter … (it’s worth reading)

OUTA“We would like to thank you for being one of 117,301 Active Citizens who took the time to comment on Government’s proposed changes to AARTO legislation through our portal. This is arguably the highest number of public submissions ever seen on draft legislation amendments in our new democracy.

Unlike petitions, submissions on draft legislation cannot easily be ignored by Government as they must provide proof that submissions were properly considered. Failure to consider all submissions could render the legislation challengeable in court. If these responses are ignored and prosecution is attempted, it leaves the door open for OUTA to defend our members from prosecution.

Of interest: When Gauteng’s freeways were declared as tolled routes (in 2008), they did so with only 30 public comments.  This time around, things are very different.

SANRAL are getting desperate to force the collection of e-tolls, and will certainly hope the amendments to the regulations are passed into law, unchallenged. We trust the authorities will take us seriously, however, if they choose to ignore society’s input, the resistance against e-tolls will enter a new phase. We will challenge every step.

Please allow us to continue communicating our progress and your continued role in this matter, by remaining subscribed to this email list. We believe that Government’s attempt to force these regulations and other legislation into place – thereby coercing the public into paying e-Tolls – must be challenged.

Please note that OUTA’s resources are limited to defending motorists who donate to the cause by becoming OUTA members. To those of you who are already one of OUTA’s donating members, you remain protected under OUTA’s E-toll Defense Umbrella, which means OUTA will take steps to defend and rectify attempts to withhold your vehicle or driver’s license – or if you are criminally summonsed for non-payment of e-tolls.

If you are not a contributing member of OUTA, consider becoming one by joining a growing force shaping the future and defending citizens’ rights in South Africa.

Click here or go to to become a contributing member.

Kind regards

Wayne Duvenage
OUTA Chairperson”

Do THIS before 6th January … or get ripped off some more!

C eTag freeIt doesn’t matter WHERE in South Africa you live – if you have a car, ultimately THIS will adversely affect you! There are 3.4 million cars in Gauteng, 13 million countrywide and only 19,200 comments on the proposed new legislation classifying non payment of e-Tolls as a fine-able traffic offense.

Government claims not enough objected to e-Tolls and thus implemented them 2 years ago, which is why we all need to comment now on the new legislation through OUTA’s portal at this link:

PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE (deadline is 6 January)

Why do the Municipality keep on ignoring Napier?

Image: W vd Westhuizen

Image: W vd Westhuizen

Patrick Seeton  (Napier Resident’s Association EXCO member) told me yesterday that Neville Cowan had asked of him, “Patrick, what progress on the bridges over the Klippedrift River …?

Patrick goes on to report as follows …

Well I finally got through to CAM’s Director of Technical Services, Norwood Kotze at about midday, the conversation went something like this:
Patrick: “We the NRA committee, have a meeting this evening, is there something I can report concerning Napier, the bridges and so on?”
Norwood: “OK, mmmh, we wanted to do some work there some time ago but you will recall we were delayed by Telkom’s requirements [because of the presence of fibre optic cable on Vanderbyl Street]. We did get a [road] grader from Robertson and this was put to work in Napier over the past two weeks.
“The plan was, when finished with the roads we would move to the bridges [first Trade(r) Street then Vanderbyl Street].
“We have received an answer from Telkom. We must give them a week’s notice before we start work there [Vanderbyl Street].
“We want to do Trade(r) Street [bridge] first – the gravel has already been placed there. We have a meeting tomorrow afternoon [Wednesday afternoon] with my teams and we can then have a timeline but I see that in the next week or so we will definitely start there.”  

The bottom line, folks … nothing of any substance has happened despite promises and platitudes put out by said Kotze on numerous other occasions over a number of years (and for those who are interested we have a VERY THICK file that documents the broken promises, the empty actions and the total NON-DELIVERY of all kinds of issues raised by Napier residents with CAM and Kotze in particular – apparently he’s the “troubleshooter” … we also have him and John Daniels on tape promising things that they never kept to  – if anyone wants the recording feel free to contact me I will gladly send you the unedited MP4 recording of the meeting)

So – I am appealing to all Napier residents and interested people to make their own enquiries of CAM as to when the problems of the roads, broken access routes etc will be fixed … and DON’T be fobbed off with nonsense from Kotze about no funds or Telkom permissions etc … it’s part of the load of exceedingly high pile of bullshit that has been emanating from Cape Agulhas Municipality for years now.

Contact CAM directly:
Municipal Manager: Dean O’Neill
(The so-called-trouble-shooter) Norwood Kotze:
Cape Agulhas Municipality:
Ward 1 Councellor, Warnick October:
Complaints Department:

Oh, and while you’re at it – drop a line to HelloPeter and moan like hell there too, PLEASE mention Kotze’s name because he’s the one who makes and then breaks the promises more than anyone else!

If you’re not a member … why?

Napier Collage 2The recent Annual General Meeting of the Residents Association in Napier was attended by 27 people – this included 5 members of the Committee … which was a bit discouraging considering how much some residents have to say about “their town” when things don’t go they way they think it should.

It was notable that the most vociferous critics of the Municipality in particular and the Government in general didn’t make an appearance! And not surprisingly, neither did those who continually carp on about “what does the residents association do for me?” turn up! (although the meeting was widely advertised for over a month before the event – even advertised in the Suidernuus, because not everyone has the internet … ).

Those who did attend were given some insight into what the NRA’s activities were over the past year. These activities included the challenges the NRA EXCO faced regarding the flooding Napier has experienced, the stormwater and sewerage issues that have been plaguing some residents for over a year, the problems with electricity supplies, with vagrants, with juvenile delinquents, with overloaded vehicles placing undue strain on the road system, the service non-delivery from Municipal Departments, the non-communication from CAM officials to mention just a few.

We also heard about the absolute uselessness of the grader that is supposedly “fixing” the dirt roads in Napier when in fact all he is doing is scraping away the topsoil and making sure that when the next rains come they have a man-made channel down which to run and cause more damage. You would think that a roads engineer would at least have cottoned on to the idea that grading topsoil away is about as useful as a bucket-load of pregnant crickets! But the NRA have been saying this for years!

Hopefully the more people who share this post will help to get the message sent to the “powers that be” about the uselessness of their actions!

The meeting also heard of the decided lack of interest that CAM showed in the Napier’s desire to celebrate 175 years of being in existence – and even less desire to acknowledge that Bredasdorp is the same age. If it wasn’t for the efforts of Lindy Warren and her team the Napier 175 Festival would never have taken off – between them they arranged a series of events, competitions and activities that while not as in-your-face as a mardi gras, was still very significant in bringing tourism to the village (borne out by the large number of visitors we had), and provided a variety of entertaining activity for the residents and wider local community. Thank you, Lindy for your efforts and dedication to this milestone in Napier’s history.

The meeting also heard about the Community Police Forum and the work they do in an effort to keep residents safe – we also heard how people are not co-operating with them to the extent that they should. They are the legislated body set up to deal with these matters and people going off and trying to organize their own “thing” in order to fix a problem doesn’t work.

The outgoing Committee see two members unable to serve during the coming year but they do have some names of people who might be prepared to serve on this body who they will be contacting in due course.

AGM Minutes 27 March 2014

Final thought: When you have a problem and something needs to be addressed to the Municipal authorities, who represents you as a Napier resident? Do you have to go it alone? This is one of the functions the NRA strives to do, to be a voice of the people and a liaison between CAM and the residents – how much more effective the NRA would be if they can go to the Municipality and say, “we represent 3000 residents on this matter …” At the moment they can only say, we represent just over 90!

If you are a resident of Napier, are you a member of the Residents Association? If not – why not?
(Membership forms can be obtained by emailing:

(… maybe we should just publish the list of members in an effort to generate some activity from those who “thought” they were members …)



Napier Residents – AGM Thursday: 17h30

Church Hall (on the left) in Hoog Straat

Church Hall (on the left) in Hoog Straat

A REMINDER – are you a resident of Napier? … then please attend the AGM on Thursday to hear how Napier Residents are represented and have a united “voice” concerning events in the town … Things DO go on in the background!

(There are 3 Committee Members standing down so PLEASE consider making yourself available to serve on the Committee to serve the residents)

Date: Thursday 27th March 2014

Time: 17h30 (Patrick runs a tight ship – we try to keep the meetings short)

Venue: NG Church Hall, Hoog Straat, Napier

(Minutes from the 2013 AGM meeting & Thursday’s Agenda will be  available on the night, but if you require these in advance, email for copies)

This just in … confirmation of ESKOM’s inefficiency!

The "good old days" ... what we had before candles & paraffin lamps!

The “good old days” … what we had before candles & paraffin lamps!

Eskom has declared an emergency situation and has introduced load shedding, which will cause  power outages across the Overberg, including Cape Agulhas today (06 March 2014) from :

10H00 until 12h30;

18H00 until 20H30,

and from 02H00 until 04H30 tomorrow morning.

We apologise for the short notice.

Regards / Groete

Priscilla Plaatjies
Kommunikasie en Klientediens
Kaap Agulhas Munisipaliteit / Cape Agulhas Municipality
Tel : 028 – 425 5500
Fax : 086 – 7767015

E-pos/E-mail :

Are you “all talk and no action”? … don’t waste your vote!

  • Voter registrationDo you think that there is no point in voting?
  • Do you feel it’s a waste of time?
  • Do you think standing in a queue to register or to vote is beneath you?
  • Do you think that your vote will be insignificant?
  • Are you one of those who moans about leadership and the Government but are too lazy to put your cross on a voters ballot on the day?
  • Are you planning a braai and a get-together on voting day because it will be a public holiday and you can have a “day off” while others stand in a queue in an area that you might not possibly want to visit?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions and if you have no intention of registering or voting, then don’t bitch, moan and wring your hands when the results come in later this year and you find that the people you think are wrong for leadership are in power over you!

This weekend, 8 & 9 February, is your last chance to register to make your mark count in the 2014 elections. Have you checked whether you are registered to vote?

A. Yes  or B. Not yet

For more info on how to check your registration details, visit

… and if you’re not registered to vote near where you live, get off your backside and do something about registering so you can at least have a say … or you could do nothing and then be content with what you’re handed!

The ANC, which has been in power since 1994, obtained 65.90% of votes cast on the national ballot, making it just shy of being able to change the Constitution.

Some 23-million people were registered for the 2009 general elections, which was about 2.5 million more than in 2004. About 76% of registered voters took part in the election, with the ANC receiving 65.90% of the votes cast. About 12-million people eligible to vote either did not register to vote (about 7-million), or did register but did not vote (5.4 million).

That means that about 17.4 million people voted … and of them 11.5 million voted for the ANC … imagine if more people (who thought there was no point, or who didn’t want to stand in a queue, or were just plain lazy) had voted.

Imagine if all those who were having a “lekker kuier-day” off had voted instead of sitting around a braai moaning about the state of the country and the corrupt leadership, or the inefficient politicians. Things would have been different!

In South Africa we have Proportional Representation – simply, this means that even someone who doesn’t get the most number of the votes can still be elected into an office of responsibility.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a say in your and your family’s future – register to vote and then when the time comes, go and do it! You owe it to yourself and your future.