“Neighbourhood watch” via your smartphone!

WhatsAppIf you have a “smartphone” that can use the WhatsApp messaging system, then you can JOIN THE GROUP that has been set up in Napier to alert residents to any criminal or anti-social behaviour that may occur – by being a member of the group and sending one message, everyone in that group will be instantly alerted as to what’s going on.

It will also serve to ensure that everyone who is participating in the “neighbourhood watch” can add to their role by being able to send and receive instant alerts.

An initial message has already been sent to people in our known database of Napier Residents – If you have not yet received a message via WhatsApp, but want to join the group, simply open the WhatsApp on your smartphone and search for “AAANapier Incident Alert” … or you could send an SMS or a WhatsApp message titled “JOIN GROUP” to 076 604 9221. If you’re still experiencing difficulty, send an email to: info@theoverberg.com 


2 comments on ““Neighbourhood watch” via your smartphone!

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